Survey Says… The Power of the Member Statement

Did you recently change something about your business?
Are you selling a new product or offering a new service? Do you want to find out if your promotions are influencing your customers? Surveys are a great way to get to find out what your customer is really thinking and OSG can help.

To obtain more insight on members’ attitudes towards their monthly credit union statements, OSG recently conducted an informative survey with Sales Engine International (SEI) to validate the significance of the monthly statement as a communication tool.
OSG discovered that the credit union monthly statement is being opened and read by a whopping 73% of members. Members not only read it but spent more than two minutes reviewing it.

The survey revealed a golden opportunity for credit unions to use
that member statement as a marketing tool to sell other services and provide new information to their customers.

Surveys are a great way to get to know customer attitudes, behaviors and concerns. OSG’s Marketing Services Team is available to help you survey your customers through email,¬†invoices or statements, or direct mail pieces.

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