Mobile Marketing: The QR Question

You may have noticed Quick Response (QR) codes popping up everywhere these days. These two-dimensional barcodes are the most recent mobile trend merging online and offline experiences for consumers. QR codes have been a prominent tool with marketers. You can incorporate this trend easily into your invoice package by printing a QR code on your invoice or statement to lead your customers to special promotions or messages. In fact, OSG currently works with customers who implement QR codes.

Riding the wave of increased mobile technology, QR codes have quickly been embraced by consumers and with today’s rapidly changing technology, simply relying on printed media alone will no longer keep your customers engaged. A QR code reader or scanner application can be downloaded easily on to any smart phone. All your customers has to do is hold up their phones and once scanned, the phone browser will automatically redirect to a page of your choosing such as a website, landing page or even a video.

The opportunities for marketers are endless but a well-planned strategy is crucial. QR codes are highly customizable in terms of what they look like and where they direct users so it is beneficial to segment your audience. If you want to promote a product of service, create multiple QR codes for each offer or try a location-based QR code directing customers in a certain region to special promotions and even local events.

The interesting part about QR codes is how much of it plays into printed media and how easily it can supplement the offline experience.  Start integrating QR codes in your marketing plans today by adding them to your invoice packages!

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