The Invoice Package: Marketing the Right Way


OSG’s Three Step Process is the difference between sending out bills to your customers and strategically marketing your brand. We don’t just see it as a bill stuffed into an envelope. No… OSG transforms this important (and sometimes unwanted) piece of mail into an invoice package used to present your customers with targeted marketing materials.

The Invoice Message
As we’ve discussed before, using color to highlight the most important information is the best technique to get your customers take action more quickly than before. Use color to also draw your customers’ attention to your dynamic messaging area. This spot on the invoice or bill is your chance to inform, sell and generally showcase anything you want. Your customers are opening their bills. Why not take advantage and get noticed while you have their attention?

The Envelope
This is where you can get creative. And the more creative, the better. You want to stand out and the strongest option is to add an insert that supplements the message on the invoice. Promoting a scratch and win game on your invoice? Create a scratch-off card to insert into the package. Add brochures, coupons, referral cards and calendars. Anything that is interactive and fun will be noticed by your customers.

The Envelope
The envelope message may seem like the least important part of this package but don’t underestimate the power of the envelope. Sure, if your customer is expecting their monthly bill and they know your name, they are 95% likely to open it. But that doesn’t mean this piece of the invoice package should go ignored. Let your customers get a teaser of your promotion or campaign and tell them to “find out more inside”. This will let them know to not only look over their invoice message carefully, but to make sure they check out your insert as well.

OSG’s Three Step Process is proven to get you results. Making sure to hit all components and thoroughly using your invoice package as a marketing vehicle will greatly increase the likelihood that your message will get noticed.

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