Electronic Billing: Going Mobile

“Mobile” isn’t just a buzz word anymore. It can be the difference between building a flourishing business and potentially losing your customers.

In a recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, almost 90% of Americans own a cell phone and well more than half of those cell phone owners mainly use their device to go online. A whopping 31% of mobile internet users are even using their phones more frequently than their home computers.

Does this mean the end to the personal computer? Not quite yet. But that doesn’t mean mobile connectivity and leveraging its opportunities can go ignored. In a September 2011 study, research firm, IDC, forecasted that more Americans will access the internet through mobile devices than through personal computers and other wireline devices by 2015.

So what does this mean for your business? As this increase in mobile internet usage pushes forward, businesses must not only create a strong online presence but make mobile access seamless. As more and more businesses and financial institutions embrace online billing – many big banks now have the technology to offer mobile check deposits! – Electronic billing payment and presentment will become paramount for businesses in the next year.

While the majority of mobile internet users are young people, 45% of those surveyed were between the ages of 18-29, more and more older generations are embracing their phones as a multi-functioning device as well.

64% of mobile internet users mention factors related to convenience as their primary reason for using their phones instead of their computers. Mobile phones are literally on the go and can be taken almost anywhere their owners go, and for those who have slow internet connections on their home computer or may not have a personal computer whatsoever, their mobile phone is the best solution.

Many mobile internet users actually prefer to do all their online banking and payments through their phone, citing that the mobile webpage is often cleaner and simpler to understand and use.

Whether it be online billing or simply optimizing your online presence, making all efforts to go mobile now will drastically help your business be a part of the future.

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    Some good points here, had great time reading this. Thanks.

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