A Conversation with Lenny Taylor, Senior Director of Customer Care

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Tell us about your background and role at OSG.
I have 25 years of management experience focusing on areas of customer support, customer retention, production management, process enhancement and I also have a strong background in USPS regulations.

I’ve been with OSG for over 14 years – 12 of which, I have managed our customer support departments. The Client Relations and Project Management Departments, are responsible for all aspects of customer support. We focus on fostering a “partnership” with our customers in order to monitor and evaluate all interactions, guaranteeing ongoing optimized solutions throughout the relationship.

What are some issues your new clients face? Why do they seek OSG’s solution?
Most businesses require seamless and efficient results as it relates to their billing needs, but they frequently encounter issues with their data providers. Often, the integrity of the data is not consistent and creates delays in processing. Our solutions proactively monitor all aspects of data integrity so that we virtually guarantee an error-free process. Our automated quality controls – which check for things like duplicate files, variances, insert selections, file name validation, data integrity, etc. – position us as a last line of defense, protecting our clients from sending out inaccurate invoices and statements.

OSG provides 24/7 support. Any questions, challenges, changes, issues, or any item whatsoever, can be addressed by our Client Relations Department. As a “clearinghouse” for all customer inquiries, the process of seeking support on a myriad of potential issues or questions becomes very easy for our customers.

This year marks OSG’s 20th anniversary. What do you feel are some of OSG’s biggest accomplishments?
I’m most proud of the investment we have made in technology to provide state-of-the-art facilities and customized processes for our customers.  Our transformation from a basic invoice processor to the comprehensive communications solutions provider we are today, is a result of the experienced and hard-working professionals at OSG recognizing the growing trends of our industry and delivering it to our clients.

Where do you see the future of your industry going?
There is definitely going to be an increase in electronic document presentment adoption. Electronic and mobile billing are becoming increasingly popular. OSG will continue to evolve and become the holistic solution for customers, encompassing their payment, accounting, communication, marketing and other needs as they relate to document solutions.

If you had a time capsule, what is the one thing, professional or personal, you would put in to exemplify our world today?
Without a doubt it would be my smart phone!  I have access to a world of information and communication capabilities that I could never have dreamed of 20 years ago.  My life is so much more organized because of this little device! I can only imagine how we will communicate and connect 20 years from now.

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