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Your Customers Are Mobile, Why Aren’t You?

With the number of smartphone users increasing indefinitely, reaching your customer base should be as easy as downloading an app.

Employee Spotlight: Steve Dubner

“The reality is, a project is successful when users use the solutions. No need for extensive user guides, because it is so intuitive, it’s quick to get to and makes their lives easier. “

Why IVR Might be the Right Solution for Your Business

“E.T. phone OSG IVR.” That’s how the movie went, right? As long as telephones have been around, there have been customer service lines ready to help customers pay their bills and check into various account details. But customers now expect more out of the companies they do business with, and that includes phone interaction. OSG …

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Dynamic Messaging

Make Your Bill Work for You

Integrating OSG Dynamic Messaging with your bills and invoices provides you with the perfect chance to open a door of communication every month.

Customer Journey: Reconnect

The Customer Journey, Part 6: Reactivate

Losing a customer can happen for a variety of reasons. Whether it was a price increase or a negative experience with your brand, that customer made the executive decision to cut ties, but that does not mean your customer is lost for good.

Customer Retention

The Customer Journey, Part 5: Retain

While you may be inclined to focus on growing your customer base, the time and energy put into maintaining the existing base will benefit your brand in the long run. Establishing a strategy to keep your customers happy will keep them by your side and buying your products.

Customer journey: cross-sell and up-sell.

The Customer Journey, Part 4: Up-sell and Cross-sell

No matter the industry, cross-selling and up-selling present a unique opportunity to elevate the customer relationship and grow the value of new and existing customers.

Customer Journey - Convert

The Customer Journey, Part 3: Convert

It’s the home stretch, the final inning, the last ten yards. Converting a lead from potential customer into a full-fledged, bought-and- enjoying-the-product customer is the final hurdle.

Customer Journey, Acquisition

The Customer Journey, Part 2: Acquire

Acquiring a new prospect is no easy task, making this stage one of the trickiest (and most pivotal) in the customer journey.

The Customer Journey, Part 1: Identify

Understanding where your customer is in their process—and the next steps they might take—enables you to offer them a more personalized experience that centers their needs and encourages action.

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