What’s Working Right Now? OSG Leaders Weigh in on Communicating During the Pandemic

Whether you’re calling it The New Normal or The Current Real, we’re all circling the same questions during the COVID-19 pandemic: How are organizations operating? How do we communicate in this moment? What does the path forward look like? On April 7, Cyndi Greenglass, Senior Vice President of Strategic Solutions at OSG, moderated an online …

What’s Working Right Now? OSG Leaders Weigh in on Communicating During the Pandemic Read More

OSG Top 5 Blogs of 2019

OSG’s Top Five Blogs of 2019

2019 was a big year. With it came the end of multiple movie sagas, countless bingeworthy television shows, and an entire decade. Such a landmark calls for a bit of reflection. And what better way to celebrate the end of an era than by looking back at our top 5 blogs of 2019?

Lockbox Payment Processing

Check Yes for Payment

OSG Lockbox “unlocks” check-based payments, streamlining the entire process from acceptance to remittance. Tailored to the needs of both high and low-volume clients, the nation-wide offering delivers a centralized view of all receivables activity.

Top 5 Reasons OSG is Leading the Way in Omnichannel Communications

Today’s communications landscape is a revolving door of new technologies and channels, funneling in and out faster than passengers on a subway. Keeping up with the rapid-fire evolution requires a specific skillset and forward-thinking initiative. But while technologies may continue to emerge, the holy grail of communication has been, and still remains, achieving true omnichannel capability.

Customer Service Week

Quote, End Quote

Customer Experience – the buzzword, the myth, the legend. In honor of Customer Service Week, we’ve gathered our top ten favorite quotes that illuminate, elucidate and explicate everything that is the customer experience.

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