Give Back and Feel Good


We find ourselves in the season of spreading good will amongst people and kindness to mankind. That makes it the perfect time to start thinking about finding a way that you can get involved and give back to the community you work and possibly live in.

Check with Human Resources and see if they’re already working on a “giving back to the community” activity. If they aren’t, offer to work with them on selecting a cause. See if you can find something that has particular meaning to your staff. For instance, if you have a breast cancer survivor on your staff or the wife of one of your employees is battling the disease, something breast cancer related would be particularly meaningful. Or maybe your office is in an unusually cold part of the country. How about organizing or participating in a coat drive? Who doesn’t have an old coat hanging in the back of the front hall closet that they’ve been meaning to donate but just haven’t found the time to give away? Don’t want to limit yourselves to coats? Open it up to all types of clothing. Or maybe organize a blood drive. And of course, how about a toy drive for underprivileged kids? That’s actually something that we do here at OSG in conjunction with the local fire department.

Not convinced yet that this is something worthwhile? According to Fortune’s study of the “100 Best Companies to Work for,” in 2016 being able to make a social or environmental impact while on the job lets employees feel more satisfied with their jobs. Fifty-five out of the 100 Top Companies to work at promote giving back to the community programs amongst their employees. The study shows that this promotes employee job satisfaction and loyalty to the company. Employees at these companies are four times more likely to stay with the company long term and put in a little extra work when a job needs to get done. Not only does volunteer and charity work promote good will towards your company from the community, it actually boosts morale internally as well.

No matter what you choose, make sure that everyone in the company knows what you’re doing and when and also be sure to let your community know as well. Employees like seeing that their company has a heart. And the community will feel good about having you in their midst and benefitting from your generosity.

What are you waiting for? Go get started.


Make Sure Your Message is Received this Holiday Season


After a week that included Thanksgiving sales, Black Friday sales, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday sales, #GivingTuesday and holiday messages galore, it’s time to make sure your communications are strong and impactful. Everyone is so used to flashy messages grabbing their attention and piquing their interest that a standard white envelope and invoice just won’t measure up. It’s time to pull out all the stops and roll out your next invoice with all the bells and whistles.

Your regular invoice provides you with great communication opportunities and it would be a waste not to take advantage of the 97% open and read rate on your monthly invoice with opportunities like Dynamic Messaging, Additional Messaging Page, Inserts, Envelope Messaging and so much more.

Dynamic Messaging along with Additional Messaging Page help you to engage your customers with different formats and designs to make sure your message is received loud and clear. Sending inserts allows you to place key promotional information with your invoice and show your customers that you care. Envelope Messaging gives you the ability to grab attention the moment the invoice arrives.

But the key isn’t just to use these services, the key is to utilize the service, and the OSG Creative Studio is here to help you stand out! Our team combines fresh ideas and the latest technology with proven design methods to develop a customer communication solution that meets your unique needs. With their help, you can send a message that will truly be impactful and remembered.

Say Thank You to Those Who Matter


Thanksgiving has been a tradition celebrated each year since the “First Thanksgiving” was celebrated by the Pilgrims after their first harvest in the New World in 1621. President Abraham Lincoln made it a legal holiday in 1863 during the American Civil War. For 394 years, we have been giving official thanks as a nation, let’s make sure to keep the tradition going strong and make this the 395th year filled with gratitude.

To do this, we have to make sure to let the people in our lives know how important they are to us. Whether with a handwritten note, a verbal “thank you” or even an email marketing campaign, this nationally-accepted opportunity to express gratitude should be taken advantage of. Let your customers, your employees and other companies you do business with know how much they mean to you. Aside from just keeping the tradition alive, this effort to reach out will create positive associations with your company and help it to thrive.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we at OSG would like to convey our appreciation to you for doing business with us. From our family to yours, Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Warm Up with Dynamic Messaging


Brrr! It’s getting colder outside and though the snow hasn’t fallen just yet, a steaming cup of hot cocoa would definitely hit the spot. Without a snowstorm to enhance the hot cocoa though, we’ll have to think of something else to keep warm – a dynamic workout perhaps? But who has the time (or motivation) for that? Why not just take advantage of Dynamic Messaging instead?

Just like a dynamic workout changes a regular workout from boring to exciting, with OSG Dynamic Messaging you can transform your ordinary invoice or statement into a highly-customized customer touchpoint using full-color technology. And unlike with the chilly weather, you have total control over how you want your message to look! Not only that, if you find yourself running out of room on the invoice, have no fear because with Envelope Messaging and Additional Messaging Page Inserts, you have additional opportunities to effectively communicate whatever message you want to your customers in an exciting and vibrant way.

So hurry up and use Dynamic Messaging before it’s time to curl up by the fireplace with your mug of hot chocolate.

Good Time to Review


This past weekend we changed our clocks. Not only did we gain an extra hour of sleep on Sunday, we also gave ourselves more daylight in the mornings and earlier sunsets in the evenings.

As long as we’re changing all the different clocks in our lives and checking our smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, what else needs checking and perhaps changing?

When’s the last time you did a full marketing materials review? Lifecycle marketing campaign review? Are all of your collateral pieces up to date? Do you have any outdated information on your website? Are your graphic standards and writing guides current?

If you can’t remember the last time you updated or reviewed any of these, this is a great time to do so. You don’t have to check all of them at once, but how about making an end-of-year resolution to try to review most of them before the end of the year? And if December 31 comes around and you haven’t managed to get to all of them, add them to your New Year’s Resolutions for 2017.

Going through a marketing review once or twice a year is a great exercise for you and your team. You may find some things that need to be retired, updated or redesigned. But when you’re done, you’ll have a more cohesive look and feel representing your company.


Let Your Voice Be Heard


This coming Tuesday is Election Day. Every four years we have the opportunity to exercise the right our Founding Fathers gave us to vote for who we want to lead us. It’s our opportunity to give input and have our say.

But you don’t have to wait four years to ask your customers how they think you’re doing or if there’s anything that needs fixing.

When is the last time you checked in with your customers? Did a customer recently get in touch with you about a particular issue? You can use opportunities like these to open the lines of dialogue and answer any questions they may have, clean up any confusion, address issues, tell them about a new product or service and perhaps “take the temperature” of a quiet customer.

Our OSG Creative Studio has a series of appealing campaigns to help you communicate in a positive and engaging way with your customers on a variety of service-related issues. We have developed survey inserts to see how happy your customers are, as well as communications expressing appreciation for their business and acknowledgements of Customer Service inquiries.

Let your customers know their opinion matters all year long and not just on Election Day.


What Scares You?


In business, the idea of a failing customer communications program can be frightening.  In today’s fast-paced world, you only have a moment to get your customer’s attention and multiple mailings can be costly and end up turning customers off.

Research shows that regular and consistent customer communication programs help build loyalty and trust.  But in a world of seemingly infinite information, how can you create an effective program using integrated communications that engages customers along several key touchpoints?  Here are few options to ensure your program is comprehensive enough to meet your customer communication goals:

  • Dynamic Full Color Messaging Enhancing invoices with targeted, customized messaging can transform them into powerful marketing and communications tools during every billing cycle.  Up-sell and cross-sell products and services using the valuable real estate already available on your monthly invoices.
  • Envelope MessagingMaking a good first impression is one of the most important aspects of any communications campaign.  Immediately engage and capture your customer’s attention with full color messages on the outer envelope that will highlight and reinforce the messaging inside.
  • Electronic MessagingCreating branded email blasts and newsletters will help you utilize the customer data you already have and turn them into a powerful marketing tool.  Additionally, an online, dynamic electronic billing portal gives you the opportunity to engage your customers where they likely spend a majority of their time: online.
  • Lifecycle MarketingImplementing programs like welcome, win-back and new member programs, calendar inserts and other types of promotional programs are turn-key solutions that help you improve customer retention and take advantage of events throughout the year.


So, have no fear.  Dynamic, integrated and creative customer communications programs are easier to implement than you think.  Working with the an experienced provider, you can seamlessly integrate your billing processing into a communications program that helps capture attention, drive revenue, create customer loyalty and increase brand awareness.



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